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logan echolls

January 2010


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Jan. 4th, 2010

logan echolls

birthday fun

Today was my puppy Maggie's first birthday-- we had a crazy celebration that included a cake made out of dog food, cheese, bones & kibble (it smelled as gross as it sounds) but she absolutely loved it, even if she probably had no idea why she was getting all the extra attention! Unfortunately this birthday didn't have all the hallmarks of the usual crazy harrison celebrations/shenanigans but it was still fun!


Jan. 3rd, 2010

logan echolls

hello :)

Hello to everyone and welcome to my lj :)

I'm excited to be here but a little nervous as well-- never really been a part of the internet community before. I will probably end up talking about my overly active family, crazy dogs, the annoying college process, my unhealthy obsession with tv, ridiculous friends and the insanity that happens to be my life.

I hope that everyone had an awesome new year-- I got to go up to Vermont with a bunch of friends as a late Christmas gift & it was so much fun. I tried to learn how to snowboard & promptly quit two days later because i have no coordination what so ever and it is not good for my feet to be stuck together on a board, it basically spells disaster. My friends had a good time laughing at me though as i fell on my ass over and over again. My entire body is still sore, even my forearms (which i didn't know could get sore...) so i think i will be sticking with skiing for the rest of my life because it is easier and less painful! On a more positive note, the best part of the whole trip was the hot tub, my friends house has one and we spent 2+ hours in it every night trying to forget all the pain we had experienced during the day--I have definitely become a fan of the hot tub. New Years Eve was fun if not anti climatic-- every year i think that watching the ball drop will be exciting...and every year i am let down... it was fun though to light fireworks off into my friends back yard (luckily no one died) & I hope 2010 brings exciting new things!

I will leave you with a picture of how i spent most of my new years eve vacation & the hope that yours was less painful!